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About us

The BMIC Team offers specialized international consultancy services to the Beer and Beverage industry.

The BMIC business philosophy is based on the tradition of German beverage technology development and workmanship, the challenge of continuous innovation while cooperating in a reliable and lasting partnership with its clients.

The BMIC Team consists of technical and commercial specialists disposing of decades of professional experience in handling beverage projects around the globe.

The Management Team

Guided by German Traditions

Klaus von Bismarck
Managing Partner

Has forty years of professional experience in developing brewery and beverage projects around the globe. Based on continuous operational experience in the industry his team facilitated innovative and workable technical solutions geared to advance the business success of each client. He is a trained economist.

Gregor Mauritz
Managing Partner

Has twenty years of professional experience from conceptual design to project implementation, auditing of plants and creation of recipes in the beer and beverage sector. His team draws from the rich German technology and know how base and has developed an integrated analysis and project realization approach oriented closely to the regional market characteristics and the specific needs of the investor. He is a trained brewing engineer.