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The BMIC Services


Tailored business concepts
and feasibility evaluations

Preparations of market analyses
and product strategies.

Comparison of alternative production
processes and facilities.

Compiling comprehensive financial models
for investors and financial institutions.


Technical partnership for the
establishment of new production systems

Planning, design and engineering
of complete production units.

Architectural design and
civil engineering support.

Management and control of project
implementation and start-up processes.


Cooperation package for the
development of craft breweries

Technical and economic
pre-investment evaluations.

Provision of technical expert services and
the development of beer specialties.

Engaging in long term partnerships and
the provision of international license brands.


Supply chain
support system

Development of technological and economic criteria
for the selection of production equipment.

Elaboration of investment options for beverage
production systems. (new and/or pre-owned)

Market information and logistic support for the
sourcing of selected production materials.